About Us


Champagne Connection specialises in the importation of premium quality champagnes. Established in 2002, Champagne Connection is owned and operated by Ian Leamon.

Ian Leamon, winemaker and director at the former Chateau Leamon, Bendigo, has always had a keen interest in Champagne production and the Champagne region. He worked at Veuve Clicquot during the 1985 vintage and together with his partner Karen has undertaken extensive and frequent trips to the Champagne region in recent years. In more recent times Ian worked a second vintage in 2007 at Champagne Joseph Loriot-Pagel.

Today, Champagne Connection imports champagne, from Jerome Blin, H. Goutorbe and Joseph Loriot-Pagel.

In addition to importing champagne, Champagne Connection conducts highly educational tours of the Champagne region each June. The Champagne Connection tours commenced in 2010 and are planned annually, so for more information please click on the Tours page. Ian also conducts tours of Bordeaux and Burgundy through his Wine-Connect business. For more information on these tours, please go to www.wine-connect.com.au